Antique furniture and antiques shop Mirandola Antichità was founded in 1950 by its founder Aldo Mirandola (known and recognized as an expert in periods and styles of antique furniture and antiques). In the Veronese panorama of antique shops it is one of the oldest and renowned in the repair and restoration of antique furniture such as chest of drawers, chairs, armchairs, silver cases, beds, sideboards, with preference for Italian furniture of all periods and regions (Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia , Tuscany, Trentino). In the shop you can also find beautiful ceramics and antique porcelain as well as mirrors, copper-ware, silverware and other antiques. What is notable in his shop in addition to the various styles that have marked the passage of time, is the preference for prized woods (Walnut, cherry, oak, elm).

We are also open Sunday afternoon - guided visit on request

Antique books repaired and restored - Antique prints - Picture frames to order - Decorations - Finishing -

Paintings - Gilding - Antique furniture - Antiques and Collectibles
We also have a warehouse of antique furniture reserved for antique dealers

ANTICHITA MIRANDOLA Comm. ALDO di Mirandola Terenzio
Antique furniture, antique prints and antiques
Via Madonna 144/146 , 37051 BOVOLONE - VERONA ITALY
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